Mark Chen is a photographer, a digital media artist and an activist. Based on still images and videos, he expands to media including animations, soundscapes, installations and performances. The narratives in his work aim to raise awareness on sustainability, climate change among other environmental and social issues. Digital post production is highly integrated into his artistic expression to encompass the essences of fiction, satire and futurism.

Mr. Chen’s exhibition path traverses locally, nationally and internationally, including the Houston Center for Photography, Fotofest (Houston), the Arc Gallery (San Francisco), and the Artists’ Cabin (Taipei, Taiwan). He is currently working on his MFA at the University of Houston where he receives merit-based scholarships for his education. Mark’s Windtopia, a multimedia series that envisions the future of our planet,  is fiscally sponsored by Fresh Arts.

In addition to his career as an artist, Mr. Chen is an educator who has taught at University of Houston, Houston Baptist University and Houston Community College, among other institutions. He is also an avid published author, producing seven book titles on photographic art and techniques from Amherst Media.